4 Zone Built-in Induction hobs

60cm 4 Zone Built-in Induction Cooktop from China

60cm Induction hob丨590*520*58mm丨 Total power(W): 6000w (1200+1800+1800+1200W) 丨 MOQ: 200pcs


4 Burners Induction Hob 75cm BM-IF6001

75cm 4 Burners built-in Induction Hob丨762X533X55mm丨 Total power(W): 6000w (2000W +2000W+1500W+1500W) 丨 MOQ: 200pcs


30‘’ True Induction Type counter-drop with 4 burners BM-IF7401

30'' 75cm True Induction Type Counter-drop with 4 burners丨30''x21''x2 3/4''丨 Total power(W): 7400w (3700W+3200W+2600W+1800W) 丨 MOQ: 200pcs


60cm 4 Flex Zone Induction Cooking Hob China Factory

4 Flex Zone induction hob丨590x520x58mm丨 Total power(W): 7200w with Flex zone: 2600/ B3000W 丨 MOQ: 200pcs


60cm Built-in Induction Cooktop Pure Copper Coil

60cm Built-in Induction hob Pure Copper Coil丨590x520x56mm丨 Total power(W): 7000w (1500Wx2+2000W*2) 丨 MOQ: 200pcs