3 Zone Built-in Induction Hobs

BAMO 3 Flex Zone Induction Cooktop with KC SAA CB CE Certificate

60cm Flex Zone Induction Cooktop, 5500W, Flex Zone 3300W (2000W+2000W) + Right front zone 2200W, MOQ 200pcs


3 Induction Cooking Zone Cooktop China Factory BM-IT5501

3 Burner Induction Hob China / 60cm 3 Cooking Zones丨590x520x56mm丨 Total power(W): 5500w 丨 MOQ: 200pcs


3 Cooking Zone Induction Hob from China BM-IT5301

75cm 3 burner Induction hob from China丨750x450x56mm丨 Total power(W): 5300w 丨 MOQ: 200pcs


60cm Induction hob China Triple Burner BM-IT5701

3 Cooking Zones Induction hob 丨730x430x56mm丨 Total power(W): 5700w 丨 MOQ: 100pcs


Teka 3 Zone Induction Hob with Bevel Edge BM-IT7101

60cm 3 Cooking Zones Induction hob with bevel edge丨590x520x56mm丨 Total power(W): 7100w 丨 MOQ: 200pcs