23Aug 2017

Induction hobs work by creating an electromagnetic field that reacts with the pot to create heat.

This means your pots and pans need to be made from ferromagnetic materials, such as:

•   Cast iron

•   Enamel cast iron

•   Stainless steel (most types)

Materials that won’t work on an induction cooktop/hobs include:

•   Aluminium

•   Glass

•    Copper

07Mar 2018
free zone induction cooktop hob

What is Free Zone Induction Cooktop? Free zone Induction cooktop is integrated by many small flex induction zones. It kicks it up a notch by detecting the actual position of your pans, up to four at a time. Rather than put a single inductor under each burner and limit you to pre-determined locations to fry and simmer, […]

02Apr 2018
what is free zone induction cooktop

 Is there a free zone induction cooktop in China? Many buyers may be confused by the Chinese factory, as they claim that they have free zone induction cooktops. Here are may some questions in your mind, and let us explain to you. 1. Is there a free zone induction cooktop in China? –Currently, we Say […]

16Apr 2018
Hob Comparison

Hob Comparison -Which Is Better Some may don’t know which hob is better, here is an opening view for you to make a hob comparison.                 The right built-in hob is definitely much better than the hob on the left, as it makes heating isolation better the induction […]

02Oct 2020
freed zone induction cooketop

Built-in ceramic cooktops and induction cooktops are the main products Bamo focuses on as BAMO involved in this industry since 2016. And why the price of induction&ceramic cooktop is different from one factory to another tough the technology almost the same, here we conclude some points. *Regarding the induction cooktop: 1. Copper coil or aluminum […]