About Us

Bamo Home Appliance Limited is a Hongkong based company focusing on supplying Commercial Induction Cooktops, Built-in Induction hobs, built-in ceramic hobs, Hybrid hobs. We have an induction hob factory, Ceramic Hob Manufacturer, Hybrid cooktop factory in China mainland. With good-quality hobs and services, and innovation in mind, we are working with TEKA Maylasia, Gorenje Slovenia, Bigstream Korea etc.

If you are an international brand customer, our built-in induction hobs will help to open the market like South Asia by producing in China;
If you are a distributor or importer, we can help to occupy your market with different built-in ceramic hobs with varied competitive prices.

induction hob factory

BAMO brings you the innovate business way, offering a superior solution on service/products. Finally, you will find the profit you get by focusing on marketing is much more than you save in purchasing procedures.


BAMO Mission: Offering innovates method, create value-add service to our partners.

Our Value: Responsibility, honesty to customers.


Why Choose BAMO?

>Focusing on hobs makes us professional

BAMO focus on combing advanced manufacturing technology to sales & marketing, we have worked with induction hob factory, Ceramic Hob Manufacturer, each of our plants is targeted with a clear market section. Products covering from high-end market to economic section.

>Leading Technology

We are a company sensitive to apply on cutting-edge technology to our products & manufacturing.

>Why not choose products with Unique Selling Points

Do you experienced headache that so many factories copy the same design, and only fighting in price? We consider the Unique Selling Points when launching products with cutting-edge design, this can enhance your competition power.

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