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    Good in writing and flute in English speaking, benefiting to a better communication. Call us if you don't want to write an email. We are at your services.

  • Efficient Working

    Working efficiently and response fast is our basic service, which contribute to a fast decision making. Remember your inquiry will be replied within 8 hours.

  • Well-knowledge in Hob

    With many years in built-in hobs/cooktops, we know each part of products and technologies. There is no problem for your OEM&ODM request.  

  • International Sense

    With years experience in exporting hobs to the abroad, we are quite familiar with the market, and know what type of hobs are your countries popular on.

  • 5 Months Life Test

    5 months life test for each built-in induction hob and ceramic hob to ensure the life use span. Besides, 100% check during the production, 30 minutes aging test before packing.
  • Glass Stick Ability Test

    8 hours ceramic glass sticking ability test, which is to ensure the built-in hobs' glass sticks well with the metal strip. Usually, the weight we put is 25kg

  • Individual Induction Module

    All is for modulization, PCBA, a temperature sensor and fan all are installed inside the round induction module, which will be quite easy to check the problem or just to replace the module.


White Glass Induction Hob China 4 Burners BM-IF7402

White Glass Induction Hob China 75cm 4 Zone built-in hob, 丨762X533X55mm丨 Total power(W): 7400w (2200W +2200W+1500W+1500W ) 丨 MOQ: 200pcs

TEKA Model Horizontal Double induction hob BM-ID5201

70cm Double Burner Induction Hob 丨730x430x56mm丨 Total power(W): 5200w 丨 MOQ: 100pcs

Teka 3 Zone Induction Hob with Bevel Edge BM-IT7101

60cm 3 Cooking Zones Induction hob with bevel edge丨590x520x56mm丨 Total power(W): 7100w 丨 MOQ: 100pcs


Grey Glass Induction Hob NEG 3 Burners BM-IT7102

60cm 3 Cooking Zones NEG grey Glass Induction Hob丨590x520x56mm丨 Total power(W): 7100w 丨 MOQ: 200pcs

Built-in 2 Zone Induction Hob Horizontal BM-ID5202

70cm TEKA Built-in Double Induction Hob 丨730x430x56cm丨 Total power(W): 5200w 丨 MOQ: 100pcs

Baumatic Model 70cm double induction hob BM-ID3501

70cm Double Horizontal Induction Hob 丨730x430x56cm丨 Total power(W): 3500W 丨 MOQ: 100pcs

Bamo 3 Burner Highlight Hob with Plug BM-CT5400

Bamo 3 burner highlight hob BM-CT5400 with plug


90cm Induction Hob, counter-drop with 5 burners BM-IV9601

90cm Induction Hob, 36‘’ hob, counter-drop with 5 burners Doulbe drive, single drive 丨36''x21''x2 3/4''丨 Total power(W): 9600w (2400W Φ11''+2200WΦ9''+1800WΦ7''+1800WΦ7''+1400WΦ6'' ) 丨MOQ: 200pcs

80cm Induction Hob, 4 Zone Cooktop BM-IT6600

80cm Induction hob丨800x500x56mm丨 Total power(W): 6600w (1300Wx2+2000W*2) 丨 MOQ: 200pcs

75cm 3 burner Induction hob from China BM-IT5301

75cm 3 burner Induction hob from China丨750x450x56mm丨 Total power(W): 5300w 丨 MOQ: 200pcs

60cm Induction hob, 3 burner with a boost function BM-IT7102

60cm Induction Hob with a boost function / 60cm 3 Cooking Zones丨590x520x56mm丨 Total power(W): 7100w 丨 MOQ: 100pcs

60cm Induction hob China Triple Burner BM-IT5701

3 Cooking Zones Induction hob 丨730x430x56mm丨 Total power(W): 5700w 丨 MOQ: 100pcs

60cm Built-in Induction Hob China 3 Zone BM-IT5502

60CM Built-in induction hob / 590x520x55mm / 2.7kW+2.2kW+1.6kW/2.7kW+2.2kW+2.0kW

60cm 3 burner hybrid hob China BM-HT5200

60cm 3 burner hybrid hob China BM-HT302 | Built-in Induction & Ceramic Hob Supplier from China MOQ 100pcs


5 Zone Induction Hob 90cm Built in BM-IV9001

5 zone induction hob 丨914X534x55mm丨 Total power(W): 9000w (2700W+2200W +2200W+1500W+1400W ) 丨 MOQ: 200pcs

4 Zone Induction Cooking Hob BM-IF6842

4 Zone induction Cooking hob 59cm丨590x520x56mm丨 Total power(W): 6800w (2000Wx4) 丨 MOQ: 100pcs

4 zone induction built in hob 60cm BM-IF7001

75cm 3 Cooking Zones Induction hob丨750x450x56mm丨 Total power(W): 5300w (1500Wx2+2000W*2) 丨 MOQ: 100pcs

4 Burners Induction Hob 75cm BM-IF6001

75cm 4 Burners built-in Induction Hob丨762X533X55mm丨 Total power(W): 6000w (2000W +2000W+1500W+1500W) 丨 MOQ: 200pcs

30‘’ True Induction Type counter-drop with 4 burners BM-IF7401

30'' 75cm True Induction Type Counter-drop with 4 burners丨30''x21''x2 3/4''丨 Total power(W): 7400w (3700W+3200W+2600W+1800W) 丨 MOQ: 200pcs

30cm Single Burner Induction Hob Domino BM-IS2100

30cm Single Burner Induction Hob 丨290*520*56mm 丨 Total power(W): 2100w 丨 MOQ: 100pcs