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Built-in Induction Cooker for Commercial 5000W BM-C50-XP1


5000W Built-in Induction Cooker for Commercial, 400x400x165mm, #201 Stainless Steel

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5000W Built-in Induction Cooker for Commercial

Built-in Induction Cooker 5000W, 220 ~240V /50~60Hz
Built inInduction Commercial China


Commercial built-in induction cooker is designed to cook your food in professional foodservice centers such as buffet, restaurant, catering, school, hotel, and bar. This BM-C50-XP1 induction cooker in 5000 watts with long-lasting durability stainless steel case. The easy-touch controls let you adjust the timer from 0 to 24 hours. And the LED display allows for easy viewing of timer settings. 400x400mm ceramic glass surface is large enough to accommodate most pans, and include small-article and empty-pan detection for efficient energy use.


–  Wattages : 5000 watts

–  Voltage : 208~240V/ 50~60Hz

–  Control Type : Touch Sensitive + Knob

–   Dimension : 400x400x165mm(15.75″x15.75″x6.50″)

–   Installation Type: Built In

–   Material : #201 Stainless Steel

–   Ceramic Glass Surface:

300x300x4mm (11.81″x11.81″x0.16″)

–   Power Level : 1-10

–   Timer Range : 0~24 hours

–   Certificates : CE



Empty Pan Detection

Auto Shut off

Over or under-voltage protection

Over-current protection

Over-heat protection

Dry burning-resistant protection

Phase shortage protection

Copper coil overheating protection

Copper coil sensor open/short circuit protection

Copper coil open circuit protection

IGBT over-heat protection

IGBT sensor open/short circuit protection

Moisture-proof, waterproof and oil fume proof

Built-in cooling fan abnormal automatic protection

Abnormal voltage automatic protection

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